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I3PI provides customized evaluations for practices and providers designed to help improve healthcare delivery, risk management and reimbursement.

We begin with an assessment of your needs. On the basis of those needs, we can apply our Forseee® system to analyze recordings of visits with actual patients and we can construct and conduct one or more simulations to provide the data to answer your key practice questions in an intuitive yet detailed report. After a review of the findings, we develop and recommend interventions to improve performance. Finally, using follow-up visit recordings or simulated patients, we evaluate the success of those interventions and enable you to monitor and enhance performance on an ongoing basis. The entire process is tracked and managed using our proprietary I3PI Workflow SystemTM.

View our Simulation Cycle (pdf)

I3PI® Simulations address the following questions:

  • Documentation and compliance. Are physicians accurately recording what they do? Do notes and tests ordered correspond to accepted clinical guidelines for the standard of care? Are patients billed appropriately based on the services actually rendered? Documentation and compliance evaluations can include assessments of:
    • Documentation fidelity (whether the note accurately reflects the visit)
    • Billing fidelity (whether the bill fits the services rendered)
  • Customer Service. From first point of contact are patients receiving caring, courteous and efficient service by clerical personnel? Where are interventions needed? Customer service evaluations can include assessments of:
    • Telephone inquiries
    • Directions
    • Reception
    • Assisting difficult patients
  • Provider performance. Are clinical staff correctly recording vitals, screening patients, and assisting those with special needs? During clinical encounters, are physicians providing the standard of care based on accepted clinical guidelines? How are your nursing assistants, nurses, and doctors doing in the following areas?
    • Management of potentially serious conditions
    • Communication
    • Preventive care counseling
    • Patient satisfaction

Read more about MOC (pdf)

I3PI assessments are approved for physician practice assessment (part IV) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Practices can improve care and help their physicians obtain MOC credit while they practice, without the burden of additional data collection by the physician.

I3PI Consulting Services

I3PI provides a variety of consulting services including feedback and training based on our Foresee® system of formal coding of health care delivery staff-client interactions to yield high value and personalized care based on research evidence. We identify contextual factors not evident in health care data but essential to managing risk.

I3PI is expert at assessing Contextualized CareSM – Are staff and physicians providing care tailored to patients’ individual needs? Contextualized care improves health, lowers costs, and increases patient satisfaction.