Institute for Practice and Provider Performance Improvement

Optimizing quality and service delivery one practice and provider at a time

I3PI® helps medical, career, and social service providers gain a competitive advantage in dramatically improving patient/client satisfaction, avoiding unnecessary costs, increasing access to services, and delivering better care/service by collecting unique data based on directly observed care/service.

We analyze audiorecorded visits and telephone calls between health care providers and real patients with our Foresee® system to identify opportunities for practices to better engage with patients and tailor care to patient needs.

We also employ unannounced standardized patients who systematically report on all aspects of the health care experience. In our simulated visits, a trained actor presents with a clinical problem typical of patients seen in your practice, and collects data from their interactions with every member of your staff. Using our proprietary I3PI® Workflow software, we combine checklists, audio recordings and provider generated medical records to analyze billing compliance, documentation accuracy, customer service, and quality of care. Our actors are like “mystery shoppers” with special expertise and tools to evaluate healthcare. The simulated visit is an extraordinarily effective modality for healthcare practices to improve reimbursement, reduce liability, understand patients’ healthcare experiences, and motivate staff – all without interfering with the care or privacy of your patients.

Following each wave of simulated visits we generate an intuitive graphical report that indicates where your practice fails to meet benchmarks and how to intervene. Our simulation consultants stay with you until your goals are reached.

With I3PI support your practice can:

  • Maximize reimbursement
  • Reduce liability
  • Optimize customer service and delivery of care

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